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Looking forward to another fantastic school year! All meetings will be held at Central Office at 7pm.

When possible we will provide a virtual link.


Thursday September 28th

Thursday October 19th

Thursday January 18th 

Thursday February 15th (Special Education Procedures)

Thursday March 21st (Transition Presentation) 

Thursday April 18th 

Thursday June 6th

All presentations will be updated so keep an eye out for our flyers!

Join our association and pay yearly membership here.

From now until February 11th show your support for Disabilities Awareness Month while fundraising for the Connetquot SEPTA Scholarship fund. Simply click on the link below. 

SEPTA Disabilities Awareness T-Shirt Campaign

March is Disabilities Awareness Month 

April is Autism Awareness Month

What are you doing to be more inclusive during the year and how are you spreading awareness? 

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